Free Screenings – Eric Paredes Save a Life Foundation

Dear Parents,

Please take advantage of a free heart screening event this Sunday, October 15th at Southwest High School.

Free heart screening event this Sunday, October 15th at Southwest High School - Register Here.

Saving lives is paramount to our mission and prevention is our goal. That’s why we offer free cardiac screenings to any teen, ages 12–25. We’ve screened thousands and have identified hundreds with undetected heart abnormalities.

  • All screening events are open to the public – your youth does not have to attend the school to get screened.
  • We are open from 9 am to 3 pm, but screenings typically take less than an hour to complete.
  • If youth bring a fully signed/completed screening packet, parents do not need to be present at the event.
  • Screenings include a health history review, an EKG, consultation with a cardiologist, and if indicated, a limited echocardiogram.
  • The entire process is painless and non-invasive—no needles or x-ray exposure.
  • Female technicians screen girls in a separate area from boys. We also have private screening areas as needed.
  • You are notified of the results within a few weeks for follow-up with your own family doctor as your insurance dictates.
  • If results are normal, please add the EKG to your youth’s medical chart to use as a baseline.
  • If results are abnormal, please contact your doctor’s office and let us know if you’d like us to reach out to your doctor for consult.
  • If you do not have access to medical care, please check our Find A Doctor page, or contact us for assistance.

For more information or to register online for the screening, please visit the Eric Paredes, Save a Life Foundation home page.